Business Promotion


So many brands and products out there have lost value or forgotten about due to poor brand identity. Customers tend to believe or trust doing business with someone that has a point of reference than someone they cannot trace back should the need arises.

Mzansi Network Page seek to unrevealed those products by giving them an advertising platform and the true identity.  We are not just a home to many products, but we serve as a core catalyst to run a professional business, our services also include the company registration,  domain registrationbusiness email account and website design

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Mzansi Network Page understand the frustration of having to run and market a business at the same time.   

A domain name like is a website address that people will use to find you on the internet. Domain names are used as an address to locate businesses, organizations, or other entities on the Internet.

Mzansi Network Page afford all Mzansi SME’s s a lucrative platform to own a website. Website typically has a cohesive goal or type, including ecommerce, portfolio site, informative blog. We believe every individual or business deserves to have a website.

A business email address makes a great professional impression. With Mzansi Network Page you can get an email address for each individual in your organization. This is a great way to show customers they’re communicating with the right person.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is the process of making your site rank as high as possible in Google when someone types in a word relating to your service.  

SSL certificates are the best solution for securing websites or web servers that transmit information, whether it be credit card details or personal details. Without an SSL certificate you risk having this valuable information intercepted and stolen. When customers can see that your website has been well secured and you value their security, they trust doing business with you. 

With a Google My Business account, you get more than a business listing. Your free Business Profile lets you easily connect with customers across Google Search and Maps.